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Good afternoon, 

It was so great to see all those smiling faces this morning!

Just putting it out there again.... Sister Marie's Communion Parent Meeting is tonight at 7:15. 

We started our new Reader and Workbook today.  With the new books come some new routines.  I've also given a few updates on other topics.... 

1. The spelling quizzes will consist of only the 12 memory words. 
2. Your child should practice reading the pattern words each week, several times.  These words will show up on dictation quizzes.  
3. The memory words should be written 5 times, neatly in your daily routine notebook.  We set up the page today, please refer to those guidelines when doing homework.  This, along with a "Backpack" homework page is due on Wednesday.  
4. Your child also came home with a reading passage.  Please practice this same passage each night this week.  We are working on building fluency.  I suggested to the students that they keep a folder of the fluency story and the pattern words so that they can practice throughout the remainder of the school year.  
5.  There is a test on Wednesday on the book, Good Night, Good Knight.  We read that in class last week.  I've attached a PDF copy on the English/Language Arts link of my web-page.  I also sent home a study sheet with the vocabulary we practiced last week and some other notes to help prepare for the test.  
6. We will go to church on Wednesday for Ashes.  We have started to read about Lent in our Religion book. 
7. If all goes as I planned.... there will be a math assessment on Friday covering lessons 12 - 16. 
8. We finished up investigation 3 in science today in our Sound unit.  I would like to give a test on this investigation before moving on to investigation 4.  If we have the test on Monday we can begin investigation 4 on Tuesday. I will send home the book this week so that you can begin to review for the assessment on Monday.  Start with the vocabulary, be able to distinguish between strong vibrations and weak vibrations and the type of sounds they make and be able to write a conclusion about vibrations and the volume of sound. They will also be asked to draw a scale - like in the book, to distinguish among the 4 sounds on a soft - loud scale. 
9. We are working on being more independent and responsible and not relying on my web-page or mom as much.  Please know that I am always here as a back up; I'm just stretching them...  Our little birdies must start to flutter and fly on their own a bit! 

Ahhh... I think that is all...

GBWY, always!

Posted by ssenno  On Mar 04, 2019 at 3:42 PM
What a windy night it was!

I have some housekeeping information. 
  • Beginning with the 3rd quarter the spelling and dictation quizzes will not be combined into one grade for the unit.  You will be seeing each grade individually.
  • The children will be working, in math, on problem-solving.  There will be quizzes most weeks, on Fridays to assess their progress.  Practicing at home will help them be successful.  
  • There will not be spelling and dictation this coming week as we have finished our first book and there will be a progress test administered to the children.
  • I have asked the children to read chapter books for their Reading Response Logs moving forward.  They need to be able to respond to their reading in class as well as at home therefore, they will, on occasion be asked to write a response to a book which we read in school. They have been doing a wonderful job on their at-home Response Log; it will be nice to read what they have to say about our at school books. 
  •  When the children receive their new reader and workbook I will send the workbook home to be covered in clear contact paper.  I will also let you know about the changes in the ELA routines associated with the new book. 
  • The Week-night make up Parent Communion Meeting is this Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. in case you didn't make the weekend meeting. 
  • Please keep practicing prayers.  We are asked to randomly assess the students' ability to write out and/or recite our regularly prayed prayers. 


Posted by ssenno  On Feb 25, 2019 at 12:24 AM
Good afternoon, 

Due to the shortened day, I've made some changes to our homework/assessment plan for this week.   Please check the homework page for an update. 

Additionally, the Religious Education Office has postponed the Communion Parent Meeting, originally scheduled for tonight, to Wednesday, February 27th at 7:00 p.m.


Posted by ssenno  On Feb 20, 2019 at 2:20 PM
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