First Grade News

Dear Parents,

I hope you enjoyed your long weekend!

Our math lessons this week will focus on balancing equations, breaking teen numbers into tens and ones, and how to accurately measure objects. 

We will read  Dominic's Apple, Yuck! Yuck!  and On the Hunt for Lost Stuff‚Äč this week in class.  Our writing lessons will focus on using adjectives to describe objects and characters.

Our religion lessons will focus on the seven Sacraments.  The children will describe what takes place in each sacrament.

We will begin our exploration of the properties of liquids in science lab this week.  While performing several simple tests, the children will discover the different properties of liquids.  

Our social studies lessons will focus on maps and globes.  The children will learn how to use a map key and how to locate places on a map.

CSW Open House - Sunday from 10:00 - 1:30

Mrs. Dillon