Return to School Supplies

Every year on the first day of school we have that magical day when our building is transformed into a Staples distribution center as the students haul in their years' worth of supplies!  Unfortunately, Covid-19 health and safety regulations require students to take home everything they bring to school, except for common items such as paper towels or cleaning supplies.  Thus, students will not be able to haul in all of those supplies to school on the first day. Nor do we want the students to be overburdened by carrying excessive weight in their backpacks by transporting unnecessary supplies.

Follow the links on the left to find general list of supplies that should be brought to school when the students first report to the building and generally in their backpacks thereafter. Parents and Guardians are asked to assist their child by making sure that daily backpack supplies are refreshed as needed (sharpened pencils, clean loose leaf paper in binders, etc.) Teachers will communicate with students and/or parents for those occasions when something out of the ordinary is needed to be brought to school.  Full remote learning students should have the same supplies on hand as in-school students.