Religion 5

Welcome to 5th grade Religion!

10/18:  Chapter 4 quiz on Monday, 10/22

10/17: finish word search; ask parents information (that you wrote in your Religion notebook) about your Baptism. 

Crossword puzzle

Finish writing the 8 parts of the Liturgy of the Word in your Religion notebook.  

Have a parent sign your Religion quiz- due 9/26.  Counts as a homework grade.
Industriousness essay due 9/26.

9/18/18 Homework:
Study for chapter 1 quiz.

Quiz on chapter 1 on 9/19.  

9/14/18 Homework: 
A sheet describing the assignment was given today.  Students are to write a 3 paragraph essay on the virtue industriousness.  It is due September 26th.

9/12/18 Homework:
Finish writing Gloria prayer in cursive in your religion notebook.
Write key words in notebook from page 21.