• Please sign all homework.  
  • Students should write and after the parent checks the homework they should correct their own homework. 
  • Homework should be completed neatly and with as few errors as possible. 
  • Students will work on dictionary skills this year; helping your child find a correct spelling in the dictionary yields greater benefits than spelling the word for them.  How wonderful if you had a quality children's dictionary at home. 
  • All homework is to be completed and turned in on the date it is due.  
    • After a stay at home due to illness, I will work with the child and parent to come up with a reasonable time frame to complete missed assignments and assessments. 
  • Assignments will not be given out prior to an absence due to a vacation. Upon returning to school the child will receive any missed assignments and tests. They are to be made-up a.s.a.p.  
  • Sometimes missed work cannot be made up. For example "extra" activities like coloring, special projects, science labs.  For Science, your child will get answers from a friend for any workbook pages they miss. 
  • Tests: I will give you at least two-day notice for tests. A quiz can be a surprise or it can be given only 1-day notice. 

Reading Log:  Reading Logs are due ONLY on these dates.  

3rd Quarter Reading Response Log Due Dates

February 11

February 25

March 11

March 25

April 8