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When I first started with Drama Club I asked the students to label their club, thereby having something they can invest in. We name clubs so we can stand behind them, get involved and have something conceptual as well as tangible to belong to.  After brainstorming in groups and then several rounds of blind voting - the students chose their name for this year: “Rulers Of The Scenes!”  So the producers of Dear, Edwina will be the Rulers Of The Scenes.  We also discussed leadership which is necessary to the health of any organization. More importantly, developing leadership skills will aid the student in any field as they go forward.  The students nominated themselves and then we blind voted again. Here are the results: President - Liam Nestler Vice President - Emma Drumm Secretary - Abby DeFrancesco Treasurer - Jamieson Druckenmiller Publicity - Lily Graves and Olivia D’Alessandro We did put together a “shadow” system where 7th graders were to learn so they could take over leadership next year, however; many of those were not prepared to actually participate fully so this is something we will be working on.  Congratulations to the leaders this year! 
Posted by cmanning  On Feb 11, 2018 at 11:18 AM 113 Comments
Good Afternoon: I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself since I swooped in mid-year to Drama Club.  I am and have been a singer/dancer/actress since I can remember being me. I am trained in jazz, tap, Russian ballet and pointe’. I was a gymnast, model and cheerleader at times as well. Loving musical theater as I did, I pursued that primarily in regional theater and earned my equity candidacy. As a big believer in knowing your craft inside and out, I learned production and backstage skills as well. I found out that I love directing almost as I love the spotlight. I have directed at Madison Square Garden and worked operations and stage management at Viacom, VH-1 and MTV.  When I found myself settling down, I opened my own production company in May 1993 called 4th Wall Productions and began producing and directing shows in the tri-state area. When my daughter was young, I wanted to spend my summers with her, so I developed a Summer Theater Camp in 2000. My daughter found her people and I found my purpose. We offer dance, drama, musical theater, Glee, improv and teen weeks. It is among my greatest accomplishments after my children.  My daughter, Alexandra Vittorini, went to OLL and graduated from Fordham and is also a singer/dancer/actress. She may join me from time-to-time teaching at SDSC but right now she lives in NYC and performs at Don’t Tell Mama, a cabaret in midtown. She is in the Broadway Brunch on Sundays and is amazing! She also sings with Bosco and The Storm a local R&B band. The boys, Harrison and Logan attended SDSC but did not take to theater as much as Alexandra did, although they are both talented musicians. Logan is now a Sophomore at Marist and Harrison owns Harry’s Hot Sandwiches in Beacon. Can you tell I am proud?  I am shooting season 3 of “Billions” for Showtime currently and have been there since September. I am an office worker for Axe Capital. I may end up on the cutting room floor, but I wanted to learn more about television production, so I am there until my contract ends in March.  I look forward to working with the students. To witness a young person take a leap of faith on themselves and find their wings is among God’s greatest gifts and I am honored to be part of that.  I will be chatting with you again shortly and regale you all with the stories of how wonderful your children are.  Best -  Christine Manning
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